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Custer County CD

Walter Rolf – No Alternate

Sweet Grass County CD

Steve Story – Paul Gilbert, Alternate

Stillwater CD

Steve Story – Noel Keogh, Alternate

Richland County CD

Shawn Conradsen – Dan Young, Alternate

Rosebud CD


Don Youngbauer  – No Alternate

Prairie County CD

Rick Herman – No Alternate

Treasure County CD

Phil Fox – Judi Knapp, Alternate

McKenzie County, North Dakota CD


Dawson County CD

Kenny Nemitz – No Alternate

Park County CD

Darrell Stutterheim – No Alternate

Dan Rostad


Dan Rostad serves as the Coordinator for the Yellowstone River Conservation District Council.

He is an employee of the Sweet Grass County Conservation District and also provides project management and organizational coordination for the Boulder River Watershed Association and the Sweet Grass County Conservation District.

He can be contacted at or by calling 406-247-4412.

Carol Watts


Carol Watts is the District Administrator for Custer County Conservation District.

Custer County Conservation District is the fiscal agent for the Council and Carol provides record keeping, grant reporting, financial services and contract oversight for the Council.

She can be contacted at or 406-232-7905, Extension 103.

Yellowstone CD

Leroy Gable – Jerry Williams, Alternate

At Large Rep. (Upper River)

Vice Chair

John Moorhouse  

At Large Rep. (Lower River)

Craig Wagner

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